Tobias Bernard is an interaction designer based in Berlin.

I’m a designer on a number of Free & Open Source projects, such as GNOME, Fractal, and Podcasts.

I work at Purism, maker of computers which respect your human rights. My current focus is getting GNOME ready for the Librem 5 phone.

You can find me on Mastodon, Github, and Twitter, or email me.


Semantic animation is a holistic approach to designing animated interfaces I have been developing. I co-wrote an article for A List Apart about it.

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This futuristic interface prototype for ordering food at restaurants implements many of the principles of semantic animation. It was built for a demo on a 60" touch table, but you can try it from your browser.

Try the prototype

I am also very interested in designing explanations—especially using visualization and interactivity to make abstract concepts and relationships understandable.

As part of my bachelor thesis I built a data analysis tool that enables fast visual comparisons across large datasets.

Try the prototype

Other interesting things I've built:

Yes We Can—All the Can I Use browser support data, at a glance.

Connection—A small game that brings people together. There's also a PDF version for offline use.

Dynasty—Tool for generating visualizations of succession timelines (e.g. all the roman emperors).