Tobias Bernard is an interaction designer based in Berlin.

I design user interfaces for computers of all shapes and sizes. Currently, I am finishing up my master’s in Human Computer Interaction at TU Berlin.

I’m a designer on a number of Free & Open Source projects, including GNOME, Fractal, and Teleport. You can find the code for most of my projects on Github.

You can also follow me on Dribbble and Twitter, or email me.


Semantic animation is a holistic approach to designing animated interfaces I have been developing. I co-wrote an article for A List Apart about it.

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This futuristic interface prototype for ordering food at restaurants implements many of the principles of semantic animation. It was built for a demo on a 60" touch table, but thanks to the power of web technologies you can try it from the comfort of your browser.

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I am also very interested in designing explanations—especially using visualization and interactivity to make abstract concepts and relationships understandable.

As part of my bachelor thesis I built a data analysis tool that enables fast visual comparisons across large datasets.

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Other interesting things I've built:

Yes We Can—All the Can I Use browser support data, at a glance.

Connection—A small game that brings people together. There's also a PDF version for offline use.

Dynasty—Tool for generating visualizations of succession timelines (e.g. all the roman emperors).